April 16, 2013

The First One

...in which we learn about a family that is most definitely not "normal".

I started blogging in 1996. Except it wasn't called a blog then, it was a Home Page and I coded the damn thing myself. In HTML 1.0. With Blinkies!   I have been writing a "proper" blog since 2005. That has to be some sort of blog-world record for longevity, and my god that's a lot of talking shit.   I wont be linking to that blog for privacy reasons. I'll explain later. Then you'll be all like "man...that's fucked up" and I will agree. I also don't allow Anonymous comments here. Own what you say, or don't say it.  No hiding behind the screen allowed!

I stopped writing at the lowest point of my life, hospitalised for suicidal ideation. I'm properly medicated now. It's all good. Over the last year, my life has taken a turn for the better, then it took another - unexpected - turn down "we totally didn't sign up for this" lane.  What better time to start afresh with my blogging than having absolutely no idea what I am doing and telling the world about it? 

This is a blog about neurodiversity. About a whole family of people who are anything but the Average Bear.  About how the hell are we going to deal with all this shit and not go more insanerer.  Its about Autism, giftedness, mental health, homeschooling, disability, raising a special needs kid when you are special needs yourself, and sharing information. It's about building a community of people in the same boat on the high seas without a life-jacket and no compass.

Let me introduce the Cast of Characters:

Me - "Tawanda."  Some people have thought my name was "[adjective] bitch".  Sometimes they are right, but they just used the wrong adjective. Diagnoses: Bipolar 2, Degenerative Disc Disease (my discs are all getting irreparable squished), Peripheral Neuropathy (one of the discs squished my sciatic nerve and caused permanent damage), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, probable Aspergers, gifted.  Recovered from alcohol dependance. Live with pain 24/7.  Full time mum. Full time Carer of Number 1 son. Soon to be homeschooling teacher.  Not "normal".

Husband - "Monkey Boy." Pretty obviously Aspergers but undiagnosed. Gifted. Studying to be a librarian.  Full time official Carer of me. Soon to be homeschooling teacher #2. Not "normal".

Number 1 Son - "F-Man", 7.  Recently diagnosed with Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder. Assessed as gifted at 6.  Pulled out of school at the end of term 1 this year to start homeschooling.  Not "normal".

The Little Sister - "E-Boo", 4 1/2.  Performer extraordinaire. Singer, dancer, writer of songs, teller of amazing stories about her teddies.  Starts school in 8 weeks. No doubt will be assessed as gifted in 12 months when she reaches the age limit for testing. It would be a bloody miracle if she isn't Aspergers too. Not "normal".

I will be writing about all of the stuff that goes along with being anything BUT neurotypical. Not being "normal" can be confusing, isolating, painful, lonely, exhausting. It can also be fun. Sometimes.  When it is, I'll let you know and we'll celebrate it annually.

So welcome!  Let's get this freak-show show on the road.


Dorothy Krajewski said...

Lovely to meet you all :-)

Tegan Churchill said...

I'm so glad that you are back to blogging. I look forward to getting reacquainted with your unique story telling.

Lioness said...

I cannot believe you went with Tawanda, hahahaha! I love you!

Anything But Normal said...