Here's some stuff it's helpful to know.  Like, "what kind of mad woman *is* this?"
Answer: "Quite mad, actually." 

The Backstory:  

I started writing a blog in 1996. Except it wasn't called a blog then, it was a Home Page, and I coded the damn thing myself. I have been writing a proper blog since 2005. That has to be some sort of blog-world record, coz that's a lot of talking shit.   I dont link to that blog for privacy reasons. Sooner or later I will write about why, and you'll say "damn, that's fucked up!" and I will agree. 

It started life as an Infertility Blog and in the early posts you find lots about how much it sucked donkey's balls trying to make a baby when your bits don't work.  We got the kid, eventually, and even a second one though 5 years later we're still trying to figure out how she got here.  I wrote a fair bit about parenting issues. Such as how to wrap your baby like a burrito, and how easy it is to screw up your kid. Like, omg SO easy.  Watch and learn. 

I hung out - metaphorically - with the Mummyblogger crowd and quickly realised that was, for the most part, completely inane and shallow bullshit. Too many rainbows and unicorns, full of twee tales, cupcake recipes and nappy cream reviews.  Too much self-congratulatory, narcissistic, cliquey...well, you get the idea.  I weren't no Mummyblogger.  I missed the supportive, snarky infertility blogging days and I lost my mojo. I stopped writing at the lowest point of my life, hospitalised for suicidal ideation. I'm properly medicated now. It's all good. 

Over the last year, my life has taken a turn for the better, then it took another - unexpected - turn down "we totally didn't sign up for this" lane.  What better time to start afresh with my blogging than having absolutely no idea what I am doing and telling the world about it?

So. Here's the Cast of Characters: 

Me - Tawanda. No, that's not my name. You can call me anything really, as long as it's not "[adjective] bitch." Diagnoses: Bipolar 2, Degenerative Disc Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, possible Aspergers.  Live with pain 24/7.  Full time mum. Full time Carer of Number 1 son. Soon to be homeschooling teacher.

Husband - Monkey Boy. Pretty obviously Aspergers but undiagnosed. Full time official Carer of me. Soon to be homeschooling teacher #2.

Number 1 Son - F-Man, 7.  Recently diagnosed with Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder. Assessed as Gifted at 6. 4 years ahead in reading, 3 in maths.  Pulled out of school at the end of term 1 this year to start homeschooling. 

Actress daughter - E-Boo, 4 1/2.  Performer extraordinaire. Singer, dancer, writer of songs, teller of amazing stories about her teddies.  Starts school in 8 weeks. No doubt will be assessed as Gifted in 12 months when she reaches the age limit for testing. It would be a bloody miracle if she isn't Aspergers too. 

The blog: 

There will be a lot of swearing going on, so if you are easily offended this isn't the place for you. Sarcasm comes standard. Humour is black. Strong opinion is given. There is always Too Much Information. 

I write about all of the stuff that goes along with an entire family being anything BUT neurotypical. Not being "normal" can be confusing, isolating, painful, lonely, exhausting. It can also be fun. Sometimes.  When it is, I'll let you know and we'll celebrate it annually.  

I write to get the eleventy-million thoughts out of my head so I can process them and hopefully understand myself, my family and our cornucopia of difference a little better.  I write to help others going through the same shit.  I write so my children aren't dealing with the same crap in 20 years time. I write so that, eventually, when they stumble upon this in 10 years whilst Googling their parents, they understand why they are different and how much I love them.

You can contact me at:  nonormalshereATgmailDOTcom