August 01, 2014

That Was The Shortest Year Ever

Over a year has passed I see, since I started this homeschooling gig.  Much has changed in that time.  F-Man was (unsurprisingly) diagnosed with ADHD. Wahay! Medication! Sanity!  We started our youngun E-Boo at school, which lasted a grand total of 6 weeks before it became blindingly obvious she a) wasnt coping and b) also had ASD.  So there you go. We pulled her out, had an assessment done. Aspergers, Selective Mutism, high anxiety, gifted.  Another one for homeschooling.

We started her with distance ed this year along with F-Man and lasted one term before I lost my freaking mind with the amount of work I as the parent/supervisor (read "full time teacher") was expected to do, in order to ensure my kids got a second rate education. Screw that.

We are now bona-fide registered unschooling homeschoolers.  What that means is that we take a natural learning approach to their education. Kids dont need to sit at a desk or computer and do worksheets to learn. Learning happens every day as part of life. It happens in the car on the way to the shops as we discuss religion. It happens as we are saying goodnight when suddenly a conversation about genetics is somehow begun. It happens when they talk about their Lego minifigures' relationships and we get out our family tree, dating back to the 1600s.

So here's the beginning of our unschooling journey.  Its been 2 months now and we've been de-schooling all four of us, trying to become de-institutionalised. That's the hard part.  From here on, I'm documenting what the kids do, the resources we use and the learning that occurs.

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