May 16, 2013

Homeschooling: How The Hell Does This Thing Work?

Starting homeschooling is weird.  Distance education is weird, even though I did it myself as an adult to finish high school.

At the Year 3 level, there are 4 half hour online lessons a week, one in Japanese.  The others are concentrating solely on maths at the moment. There's no set work to do. That's it.  Half an hour versus 6 hours a day.  It seems wrong somehow.  People talk about "de-schooling" your child when they leave the school system to get them out of the all-day every day mindset, but it's me that needs the de-schooling.  It feels like there should be a whole lot more learning going on.  Should there be a whole lot more learning going on? I've no idea.

Getting F-man to do additional work, like learning additional math concepts, practicing handwriting and spelling is like sending him down the coal mine.  Worst thing in the world! How could I treat him this way?  I'm not adverse to telling him he can do the work or go back to school.

I know. Parenting fail.

I've spent an extraordinary amount of time on Pinterest finding homeschooling ideas and I know I should put together some sort of list or something. A go-to list for each day, giving him free choice of what to focus on.  My head is so scattered that it hasn't happened yet. 3 weeks into term! I'm failing him already! He will never get into university!  Ugh.

Anyone got advice? How on earth do you figure out how to do this thing? Let him lead? Give him choices and insist on work each day? Just do what the school expects? Help...before I scar him for life!

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